SEO Checklist for Professional Artists Who Sell Art Online

Are you satisfied with the number of visitors you get to your art blog or website? If you are struggling, read this article and discover the SEO checklist for all artists who sell their artwork online!

SEO or search engine optimization is allowing the search engines such as Google or Yahoo to understand what your website or blog is all about. Just like everything, SEO changes all the time so it is important to stay up to speed if you want to use SEO to your advantage.

For starters, you need to answer a few questions in order to determine how well you are familiar with SEO. For example, what does your website or blog have to offer to your customer base, do you have art for sale, do you offer classes, does your website or blog provide news about specific events you are involved in?

Answer these questions and you will be able to optimize your website or blog better. By optimizing your website you will make easier for Google or other search engines to understand what your website or blog is all about.

You should keep in mind that Google, Yahoo, and other search engines continue to develop their algorithms so they can continue to offer the best content possible to its customers. Even though no one really knows what Google is looking for in a website or blog, there are same basic things that many SEO experts and professionals have learned throughout the years.

We are going to dedicate this article into presenting the SEO checklist for all artists who sell their artwork online. Here it is:

    • Basic SEO – Before we get in-depth with SEO and its importance, let’s explain the basic SEO first. There is no way of generating traffic and attracting visitors to your website or blog if you don’t understand the importance of SEO. If you want your readers to come and visit your site again and again, you need to offer content they are interested in reading. You can also install Google Search Console and Google Analytics. With these two tools, you can analyze the factors that affect your organic search traffic.

  • KeywordsKeywords are crucial to helping your readers, your visitors, and your potential customers to find your content online. The keywords are usually a word or a phrase that people type in the search engines in order to find specific content. Regardless of how good your web content is, if people don’t type in the keywords to your website, your content will never be found.
  • On-page SEOIn order to rank higher and optimize your website better you need to focus on on-page SEO. On-page refers to the HTML source code, as well as, the content of a certain page that can be optimized. The off-page SEO, on the other hand, refers to links and external signals.
  • Optimizing Content – Generating traffic and building an audience to your online art gallery, your website or your blog takes time. Also, the organic traffic will take a lot longer if you don’t produce the content needed. The good news is that the content you will publish on your website or blog will always be searchable. Every post you publish will improve the chance of being located online by google search engines or by your visitors. So, if you are planning on selling your artwork online on a long-term, blogging is definitely the way to go.

If you are a furniture lover, you can check out this article to start a furniture business. Always remember, it is really important your SEO checklist be incorporated into your online art marketing plan.